Hello unknowing world!

And welcome to my very own website on Telebid, a so called “auction concept” that was launched in Germany in the year 2005. Ever since then there has been a lot of criticism. Much of this criticism was so severe, that SoFina, the company behind Telebid, saw no choice but to start legal actions against some of the people publishing information. Information that might keep readers from participating in Telebid auctions.
As a result of ever more increasing negative publicity SoFina accelerated their plans to expand internationally, pressumingly intending to start with a clean slate in another country.

That’s were I come into play. Being able to speak both German and English my wish is to inform you of what has been going in Germany and why so many people including a lot of former telebid clients  are against what is going on @telebid.com, telebid.de or any other SoFina concept for that matter.

Hopefully the information provided here will prevent you from making the same mistakes I  and many others have made by signing up to a highly controversial concept that strongly resembles an online gambling platform.