Paul says…

Don’t do it! That’s what London Blogger Paul has to say on the subject of Telebid. For him it’s bidding with added gambling. He cannot emphasize enough: every bid costs money. Even if it turns out to be no winning bid. Considering people are spending more money than the auctionend items are worth, the one and only real winner is Telebid.
If you are the sort of person who would fall for cheap Lottery slogans you’ll probably be prone to give Telebid a go. All the rest had better leave it alone… Read more


First feedback

Here are some quotes I picked from, an English speaking community. This is what people thought when they had a first look at Telebid:

  • If you do decide to use the site, please read the help section of the site and understand what you are doing before you go chasing that bargain….
  • seems a very odd site, i can’t imagine sane people being interested in it.
  • This site must be for people with enough money to waste that they could go and buy the premium electronics in Dixons etc.
  • i don’t expect them to last long once people realise how much they are paying for their bargains.
  • The concepts is very simple but very effective as it taps into peoples greed and in built desire for a “bargin”
  • the Telebid creators are probably feeling quite pleased with themselves for thinking up such a simple way to part other greedy fools from their money. I know it’s survival of the financially fittest, natural selection of the bank statement, etc. etc. etc. but that doesn’t make it right.
  • It’s basically gambling! Let’s say you have a 2% chance of being the winner.

Many more opinions to follow from other sites… So stay tuned!