About this website

Hi, my name is Andy. This is my personal website. I live in the wonderful city of Munich, Germany. What you will find here: subjective views on telebid including my opinion why i feel you need to be warned.

What you won’t find here: official support  or contact for telebid.com, telebid.de, or any other website affiliated to SoFina.



  1. I have had a sad experience with Telebid. But this will the only one, of course.
    In fact, I had more or less guessed it was a sort of small eBay, and I perused some of the basic hints they give.
    What they don’t clearly and openly state is that every bid will cost you 0,70 €.
    And it’s not clear whether the other bidders, or at last the winner, is a real person or a virtual avatar or a piece of software designed to lure more “flesh-and-bones” bidders in.
    In one word: a scam.

  2. Hello Andy,

    I need to talk to you. may i have your email? Its important but I wont’t take up too much of your time.

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