Paul says…

Don’t do it! That’s what London Blogger Paul has to say on the subject of Telebid. For him it’s bidding with added gambling. He cannot emphasize enough: every bid costs money. Even if it turns out to be no winning bid. Considering people are spending more money than the auctionend items are worth, the one and only real winner is Telebid.
If you are the sort of person who would fall for cheap Lottery slogans you’ll probably be prone to give Telebid a go. All the rest had better leave it alone… Read more



  1. Thanks for the link.

  2. i could not agree more am watching a phone costing 499gpd going for 426.somthing thats over 5000 bids and they will give the phone to the winner for £1 i think that over 2000£ profit to telebid and counting

  3. I found this blog today, but I found telebid 2 weeks before, the think is that i thought that I might get some bargain, and actually I did! Ipod touch 32Gb on 28.05.08 for aprox 150€, It means 300€ less than apple store. They promise that you will have the product in 14 daysafter the payment, and I paid the same day that I won the Ipod and today 11.06.08 I haven’t received my Ipod yet. I’ve been e-mailing them almost every day for the last week and they’ve been answering till monday, but I haven’t received any answer now that the 14 days are over. The thing is that in Spain we’re having a Truckman strike since last friday, and most of the delivery services have been stopped on the borders or cities so I don’t know who’s guilty, Telebid or the delivery services, anyway Telebid has not answer my questions for the last 2 days, I’m starting to be a bit angry…

    Any advice?

  4. there’s a new website, price plummet, being launched soon. similar concept to telebid except that the price goes down instead of up. makes it fairer if you ask me.
    they’ve got a competition on at the moment to in a console 🙂

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