First feedback

Here are some quotes I picked from, an English speaking community. This is what people thought when they had a first look at Telebid:

  • If you do decide to use the site, please read the help section of the site and understand what you are doing before you go chasing that bargain….
  • seems a very odd site, i can’t imagine sane people being interested in it.
  • This site must be for people with enough money to waste that they could go and buy the premium electronics in Dixons etc.
  • i don’t expect them to last long once people realise how much they are paying for their bargains.
  • The concepts is very simple but very effective as it taps into peoples greed and in built desire for a “bargin”
  • the Telebid creators are probably feeling quite pleased with themselves for thinking up such a simple way to part other greedy fools from their money. I know it’s survival of the financially fittest, natural selection of the bank statement, etc. etc. etc. but that doesn’t make it right.
  • It’s basically gambling! Let’s say you have a 2% chance of being the winner.

Many more opinions to follow from other sites… So stay tuned!


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  1. A real campan mister! 3 posts! yay.

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