Hello unknowing world!

And welcome to my very own website on Telebid, a so called “auction concept” that was launched in Germany in the year 2005. Ever since then there has been a lot of criticism. Much of this criticism was so severe, that SoFina, the company behind Telebid, saw no choice but to start legal actions against some of the people publishing information. Information that might keep readers from participating in Telebid auctions.
As a result of ever more increasing negative publicity SoFina accelerated their plans to expand internationally, pressumingly intending to start with a clean slate in another country.

That’s were I come into play. Being able to speak both German and English my wish is to inform you of what has been going in Germany and why so many people including a lot of former telebid clients  are against what is going on @telebid.com, telebid.de or any other SoFina concept for that matter.

Hopefully the information provided here will prevent you from making the same mistakes I  and many others have made by signing up to a highly controversial concept that strongly resembles an online gambling platform.



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  2. […] it works In order to understand the heavy criticism and controversy that Telebid caused in its home country it is necessary to understand the basic concept of the […]

  3. i can across the site and thought bargain it took me £9 of bids to relise i just might be cheaper to buy from another non bibbing intenet site

  4. I agree about the Gambling and Not auction point.

    This is clearly not an auction site and to actually win an item you have to be prepared to spend some money with the risk of losing everything.

    I have watched the workings of this site for some time and have noticed that the so called BidButler system wins 9 times out of 10 which forces me to question why people still use Single bids against a BidButler as again 99% of the time you will just end up wasting the single bid.

    Personally i’m suprised how far and how much people will spend to get a “bargain”.


    Telebid offers FreeBid vouchers in their “Auction” in increments of 50, 150 and 300 FreeBids.

    I watched an “Auction” for 300 FreeBids and when it ended, suprise suprise. The person who used the BidButler won.

    Now thats fine except for the fact that a 300 Bid voucher normally retails at £150 and the person who won this “Auction” paid over £200 in Bids.

    Now to work this out we have to see how much the Voucher went for. £189 was the finishing bid i think.

    £189 / 7 (price the item increases each time a bid is placed) = 2700 Bids placed.

    2700 bids at 50p a bid = £1350 from all the people who bid in this “Auction”.

    So thats £1200 profit to Telebid for “Auctioning” an item instead of just selling it for the normal price.

    £200 of bids from the winner is 400 bids so the other hard to comprehend thing from this is why would a person bid for 300 FreeBids with 400 of their Paid Bids because at the end of the day they have lost £50 (100bids).

    Now i dont really know if there are “insiders” working for telebid, just bidding to keep the single bidders bidding which of course is illegal but what i do know is that if your looking for a bargain then Telebid is definately not the site for that.

    However if you have money to burn and are a compulsive gambler then telebid is a great way to lose a LOT of money very quickly with nothing to show for it.

    I hope this review helps.

  5. simply the true !!!!
    you should forward to many people in order to stop people to be stop by thsi scam and it is going around uk


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